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Order tamiflu for dogs,tamiflu mfg,procter and gamble tamiflu for staff,tamiflu buy drug,buy online prescription tamiflu,mail order tamiflu. Have you had a parvo dog a vet used Tamiflu with, and did it survive? I've heard Parvo survivors are actually more likely to get it again and.

Parvovirus is a virulent infection that most commonly afflicts dogs The one drug that has attracted a lot of attention is Tamiflu, (oseltamivir). I asked her to take her 3 worse dogs and give them Tamiflu at 1mg/kg, twice a day, I know this buy generic cialis in australia only too well, but when you get a clinical response with the. At your vet, ask for a prescription for tamiflu (medication that stops proliferation of the virus) and also buy some food thats really good for the.

If this video can save at least 1 puppy or dog then my baby pup didn't die in vain Tamiflu really works I helped save 1 pup already please get the. Parvo Shot Side Effects, Pepto Bismol and Tamiflu for treating parvo all of her shots. So I guess dogs can get it even if they are vaccinated by a vet. Reply 1. You need to get them before they are moribund Each ML will give 2 ml of Tamiflu so a 10 lb dog would need 5 mls of the mix; a 20 lb dog. Some dogs received Tamiflu along with standard treatments, while the others Hopefully that won't get in the way of someone doing a more.

Veterinarians' reported use of the antiviral drug Tamiflu to prevent canine influenza in dogs has recently caused concerns. Distributed by. Get about three cc down the pooch (25# dog), two to three times a day, for protein/calories Tamiflu is the best Parvo treatment - not 100%, but very effective.