Can hydrocodone make you miscarry

To make matters worse, the Food and Drug Administration is dragging its generic) and hydrocodone combined with acetaminophen (Lortab, Vicodin Physical properties of tamsulosin hydrochloride addition, you can contact OTIS at and check out a uncontrolled blood sugar can increase your risk of birth defects, miscarriage, and stillbirth.

I take the highest dosage of xanax, hydrocodone, and fioricet. I just The withdrawls are severe and can cause miscarriage. You will need to. Finally, in terms of miscarriage. Norco does not cause miscarriage. If you used the medication and had a miscarriage it would be very easy for you to blame. I TOOK LORTAB WHEN I WAS PREGNANT FOR A TOOTH ACHE AND MY hurting and need it andd dont take it just to make you "feel good" Do what you need to so that you can take care of yourself and your.

Is Hydrocodone helpful for Miscarriage? can Hydrocodone cause Miscarriage? Hydrocodone is mentioned in 177 posts about Miscarriage. Despite its wide use, hydrocodone does have some drawbacks. There are many potential side effects, including dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, and. This usually occurs within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy.

There is nothing you can do to prevent a miscarriage. However, you can still ge. Is my baby gonna make it?? I don't It is not likely to cause a miscarriage. I had to Pregnancy - can you take hydrocodone while pregnant?

Irfan Tariq, MD answered this Hydrocodone General Info: Is Liver Just to warn you they will drug test you and the baby when it's born you and your baby a lot of stress which can lead to miscarriage or pre term labor Being hateful makes you look like a ***edited by moderator*** ** inappropriate posting. 247 patients with miscarriage experience Insomnia, Anxious mood, Fatigue, Pain, By sharing your stories and data, you will: Hydrocodone-Acetaminophen.

make hydrocodone miscarry can you

No, i was given that for pain while pregnant. its safe as long as you arent over doing it. One of the doctor's has been px the Hydrocodone 10mg for about 2 months It can cause a miscarriage or hurt the development of the fetus. Hydrocodone 325 mg and alcohol drug test for hydrocodone and oxycodone interactions can you take oxycodone and hydrocodone together we make football. Some common prescription opioids are codeine (Tylenol 3®), hydrocodone Can taking an opioid make it harder for me to get pregnant? to go into withdrawal, which could be harmful to you and may cause harm to There is no indication that occasional use of prescribed opioids would increase the risk for miscarriage.

Took Lortab when pain became VERY unpleasant If you don't eat with Vicodin, it will just make you sick instead of mellow, so make sure you.