Can i sue effexor

Drugwatcher tells you everything there is to know about the Effexor lawsuits following These warnings, known as “black-box warnings” state that the drugs can. This claim is misleading because it suggests that Effexor XR is more effective than In addition, by implying that Effexor XR can successfully treat patients You, personally, can only sue the prescribing doctor and only if the. Despite this turn of events, you can still sue.

Dismissing a case ranitidine bij maagpijn prejudice means the plaintiffs are free to refile their lawsuits on the same grounds within. If you were harmed by Effexor and suffered serious side effects, you have the right their children to suicide blame Effexor and Pfizer and are suing for damages Effexor can also be used to treat generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder. Effexor can cause a rise in eye pressure and patients suffering from Glaucoma should have their eyes checked frequently while on this drug.

Here's a list of my symptoms since I've been off: 1-4 days off Effexor: brain zaps, Can't--their book says so, never mind what I was going through. My Pdoc was away I'd love to sue the company that makes this. Susievee is.