Cymbalta titration

Cymbalta 30mg hard gastro-resistant capsules, Cymbalta 60mg hard to the initial recommended dose may benefit from dose up-titrations. Switching from one antidepressant to another is frequently indicated due to an inadequate treatment response or unacceptable adverse effects.

Cymbalta Titration

I'm having a noticeable positive result with Cymbalta (yeah!), as I seem to be one of the many who have a short duration of efficacy with the. I was prescribed Cymbalta at age 17. Years later, when I tried to get off the drug, the withdrawal I experienced was excruciating. Posted in Weaning Off Cymbalta: My doctor told me that on 30mg there would be no need to taper. just stop taking the medication all together. Today is the first day of going from 60 mg cymbalta to 30 mg Nurse woman who went off her meds without titration: What do you think if.

If anyone has gone off Cymbalta, I am interested in knowing how you did it. I have looked at "The Road Back" and am taking a multitude of. In 2008, Cymbalta became the second drug to receive FDA approval for the treatment of fibromyalgia. It was classified as a.