Does celexa cause appetite loss

Some of the side effects i had were lack of appetite it just went so i did notice i little bit of weight loss,also i had trouble sleeping and awful. List Citalopram HBR side effects by likelihood and severity Inflammation Of The NoseLess Severe; Joint PainLess Severe; Loss Of AppetiteLess Severe Prolonged QT Interval On EKGSevere; Psychosis Caused By A DrugSevere; Rhabdomyolysis WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Has anyone experienced weight loss while taking it?

Does Celexa Cause Appetite Loss

It seems as though my appetite has changed I haven't noticed much fogginess but definitely weight loss. if u find anything out about it and if that's the cause of it will u PLEASE let Celexa: does it take 4wks to get working like most anti-depressants? Citalopram & loss of appetite Citalopram, Celexa fine just not HUNGRY !!

Does celexa cause appetite loss

anyone else lost there appetite to citalopram and if so how long did it last?? This caused my stomach to shrink and lose a lot of weight. Although. I'm on 10mg of Citalopram for depression and anxiety, However, I am still experiencing a complete loss prevacid for esophageal spasm appetite, I can happily go days. Common Questions and Answers about Celexa loss of appetite I would suggest looking at the physical cause of your anxiety. Read More. Avatar f tn because it Do I stick out the side effects of Celexa and hope this will pass?

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