How do you say clozapine

how do you say clozapine

According to surveys conducted in ten provinces and independent municipalities in China, clozapine is the most commonly used antipsychotic medication in the. The doctor did indeed say Clozapine (or whatever drug he said at first) instead of Clonazepam. Clozapine is a drug that is only meant for oral.

I have to say, though, that clozapine was a wonder drug for me. So be patient with it. You might need to increase your dosage, but it's worth it. Ticularly in patients who cannot tolerate high doses of clozapine (Goff and Baldessarini 1995).

Thus, a patient maintained on, say, 250 mg/day of clozapine might. Costa J, Gulasekaram B (1999) Effect of clozapine and adjunctive high-dose SM (2012) Antipsychotic polypharmacy: never say never, but never say always.