Nifedipine rectal gel side effects

The gel form of these medicines also has fewer side effects than the pill form. One cause of fissures is increased tension (called resting pressure) and spasm in the internal anal sphincter, duphaston prendre le matin ou soir of two muscles that control the anus. These medicines work by relaxing the smooth muscle, allowing the fissure to heal. 110 patients were included in this study, 60 patients in the nifedipine group and 50 patients in the control group and the therapeutic outcome and side effects.

Treating moderate to severe pain caused by chronic anal fissure (a tear in the skin lining the anal canal). Nitroglycerin ointment is a nitrate. It works by relaxing. I've been on Nifedipine cream (2.0 %) for about three weeks, and I've been having the worst Anyone have this as a side effect of nifedipine?

Side effects, including perianal itching, occurred in 4 of 39 patients step was nifedipine 0.2% gel topically, with botulinum toxin used in those.

side nifedipine rectal gel effects

Anal fissure experts and surgeons have multiple topical treatments for anus tears, Topical treatment with 0.2 percent of nifedipine four times a day has few side effects. The pill form of these medicines has more side effects than the gel form.