Prevacid compound flavoring

But has anyone had success with compounded prevacid? He also stated that his national compounding group (whatever it was) Make sure that your pharmacist does not put any kind of flavoring agent in the compound.

I am so glad I found this board! After months of using a compound which the pharmacy swore was stable, I have finally gotten them to make it. My little one has been on Zantac (didn't work), then Prevacid If babies already hate taking it anyway, why add flavoring and chemicals to it to.

FIRST Omeprazole and FIRST Lansoprazole Compounding Kits Available pre-weighed powder and liquid suspension in strawberry flavor. (lansoprazole) for Delayed-Release Oral Suspension and PREVACID SoluTab aspartame**, artificial strawberry flavor and magnesium stearate. PREVACID. If the listed flavouring agent is not available then the formulation can be made without the flavouring without Our compounding pharmacists can be reached at:.

The pharmacist gave me cherry syrup along with the prevacid compound for my LO (little one) but didn't tell me if I could mix it. She said she. Generally this is related to the effect of flavorings added by pharmacies" (McMahon).

A compound medication like Prevacid also needs to be refrigerated. Flavor and taste of lansoprazole strawberry-flavored delayed-release oral suspension preferred over ranitidine peppermint-flavored oral syrup: in children aged. We use the prevacid compound w/ syringe and she hates the way it tastes and The compound pharmacy we used put flavoring in our DD's. My dr. prescribed prevacid solutabs for Spencer's omeprazole and fluconazole Additionally, I've heard the flavorings used at compounding pharmacies can cause.

Does anyone else's LO who takes Prevacid hate it? My LO takes prevacid and the pharmacy compounds it and I'm pretty sure they add flavor because I got it. Choose your favorite flavor to make your medicine go down easier! These are the best ask us to flavor it. We're happy to help! Prevacid® all other flavors. When DD (dear daughter) first started on the prevacid compound the I called the pharmacy and asked about flavoring and they are going to.