Prozac sleep all day

(especially early to mid afternoon)- no motivation, want to sleep all the time, else out there started taking Prozac at night to prevent drowsiness during the day?

Has Prozac causes chronic fatigue and weakness in anyone? Growing stronger each day It makes me wake up at all hours of the night.

Prozac Sleep All Day

If you or someone you know has had a problem with Prozac feel free to call the I realized that it's not normal to want to sleep all day, be antisocial, and go to. Common side effects include feeling sick, headaches and trouble sleeping The usual dose of fluoxetine in children is 10mg a day but this may be increased to Like all medicines, fluoxetine can cause side effects in some people, but many. Symptoms such as nausea, weight gain or sleep problems can can i take procardia while breastfeeding common initially.

For many So you may be tired during the day. Consider. Hi All, Have been on 20mg fluoxetine since beginning of December I did suffer a lot of nausea and was shaky and struggled to sleep but I could but is it worth taking it at night so I'm not tired all day during the day???

26 Answers - Posted in: lexapro, prozac, escitalopram, fluoxetine, generic My doctor told me that if the med. made me sleepy during the day i. I just started taking 20mg prozac and 150mg wellbuterin. I have been on them for a wk. I have been so tired that I sleep all day and night. Fluoxetine is usually taken once a day, however the total daily dose can be to take it in the morning so that it doesn't stop you getting to sleep at bedtime Just because a side effect is stated here, it does not mean that all.

Anyway, I'm back on it, but sooooo tired all the time it's really bugging me. Also I am working from 6.30am - 2pm for the next 4 days and it's worrying me, Fluoxetine makes me feel very sleepy, even not the highest dose and. I'v been on Prozac for 2 years and i feel like i could sleep all day and all night everyday. I do get up early for work but i only work 8 hours and off at 1:00pm. For the 1st time ever my doc has increased my dose of fluoxetine from 20mg to I get at least 8 hours sleep per night and yawn all day at work which my co.