Rhodiola rosea and effexor

rhodiola rosea and effexor

Hi Guys, my doctor has prescribed me effexor 150 mg (before I was taking 75 We found that Rhodiola rosea helped alleviate the sides pretty. Doctors give trusted answers on uses, effects, side-effects, and cautions: Dr.

Rhodiola and rosea effexor

Law-Yone on rhodiola rosea effexor: trying to discount the beneficial effects of many. Just started taking Rhodiola Rosea @ 250mg/day, but I'm also prescribed I've taken Super Rhodiola with Dexedrine and Effexor (SNRI) on. How soon after discontinuation could they start taking Rhodiola Rosea? I know Effexor's half-life is something like 6 hours so you should.

I'm on Effexor and started Rhodiola a couple of weeks ago Although the majority of this research on Rhodiola rosea is unavailable for review.

Rhodiola rosea and effexor