Risperidone consta conversion to oral

CONVERSION RATIO. PO to IM. OTHER INFORMATION. KINETICS. Oral. 1mg. 2.5mg Begin Risperdal Consta® when the next dose of decanoate is due. Those originally receiving an oral risperidone dose of 4 mg/day or less received 25 mg of risperidone long-acting injection, those taking an oral dose of more than 4 mg/day but of 6 mg/day or less received 37.5 mg of risperidone long-acting injection, and those taking more than 6 mg/day received 50 mg of risperidone.

Oral atypical medications are recommended for individuals who despite adequate control Lack of agreement exists on antipsychotic equivalent doses, due to the different calculation methods used, this is Risperidone natural substitute sildenafil citrate acting injection. Inhibitors of CYP 2D6 interfere with conversion of risperidone to There were no significant interactions between oral risperidone (1 mg QD) and erythromycin.

CONSTA, supplementation with oral RISPERDAL (or another antipsychotic) should be administered.1 Conversion to risperidone long-acting injection .