Tramadol hcl with cyclobenzaprine

I've been taking tramadol(50mg) and flexeril(5mg) for neck pain for a long time.

tramadol hcl with cyclobenzaprine

I just found out that taking both of these pills can cause seizures. Have you ever been prescribed Tramadol or Flexeril? If this is the case, you likely understand that both of these drugs are fairly safe. These medications. 2 Can patients take Flexeril and Tramadol at the same time. 2.1 Special precautions and warnings during Flexeril and Tramadol administration. Learn about drug interactions between cyclobenzaprine oral and tramadol oral and use the RxList drug interaction checker to check drug combinations.

I took 15 mg of Flexeril for back/neck pain. But my muscles are so tight that when my doctor took an x-ray of my back, my muscles had pulled the.