Warfarin and cranberry interaction

The Cranberry Institute has investigated the issue of cranberry and warfarin interaction and while it felt the potential for interactions was slight. Cranberry juice has been suggested to have an interaction with warfarin.

However, there have been few reported cases of warfarin-cranberry juice interaction. Interaction of flurbiprofen with cranberry juice, grape juice, tea, and warfarin complained that drinking large amounts of cranberry juice.

The product labeling of warfarin (Coumadin) lists a large number of drugs that can potentially interact with it and alter a patient's anticoagulant. Warfarin (Coumadin) - Cranberry Juice Interaction: Expert Finds Data Lacking. In this expert interview, Jack Ansell, MD, talks to Medscape about whether there is any basis for the interaction between warfarin and cranberry.

A potential cranberry juice-warfarin interaction is highly controversial. Well-conducted studies have not revealed a problem (British Journal of.