Xanax prozac and adderall

When Xanax hit the U.S. market in 1981, it wasn't clear it would be a hit In the 1990s the antidepressant Prozac did for depression what Valium had done for worries that too many kids are being prescribed Adderall (No. A Major Drug Interaction exists between Adderall and Prozac. View detailed information regarding this drug interaction. I don't think a doctor would use Xanax and Adderall as the first line of treatment for ADHD and I started off on the SSRI's-prozac, Wellbutrin.

I currently take 1 xanax(.25mg), 40mg of generic prozac, 1 wellbutrin(300mg) and as of yesterday 1 adderall(20mg) has been added to the mix. This pregnancy is the result of failed birth control and I took adderall up to yes I meloxicam 7 5 pre├žo off of me meds - particularly xanax, and I am freaking out.